Chairman’s Message

I am proud and humbled to serve as the twenty-sixth Chairman of the SC Legislative Black Caucus (SCLBC). This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of SCLBC, and the year marks fifty years of caucus members working and advocating for the needs and priorities of Black and minority communities across our great state. Over the past fifty years, South Carolina has experienced growth in both population and progress in fighting inequities and injustices. However, some of the same challenges that prior SCLBC Chairs faced are still present or may have led to unforeseen obstacles and challenges that Black and minority communities face in today’s South Carolina. My priorities as chair of this historic organization will focus on healthcare, public education, economic development and creating new jobs in all communities, reviewing and reforming law enforcement engagement, reigniting SC’s faith community into a partner in change and progress, and overall, improving the quality of life in our state. I pledge to you that I will work to bring the people of our state together and work to inspire and motivate all elected leaders to tackle issues together and not from a position of divisiveness. We have come a long way over these fifty years, but there is still so much more that needs to be done that we must do. I stand committed to carrying on the work and the battle. I ask that you join me and do your part. I look forward to working to build upon the foundation laid by the chairs before me. Because of their legacy, I believe this Caucus’s position of influence will only grow over the next fifty years.