Legislative Agenda

2nd Regular Session of the 122nd South Carolina General Assembly

January 12, 2018.

JOBS for Our Communities:

A comprehensive strategy to bring quality jobs to minority communities across the state with the goals of…

  • Working to ensuring minority business have fair and equal opportunities to participate in SC Department of Transportation infrastructure improvement plans, as passed in the 2017 Infrastructure Act;
  • Working to ensuring active job and industry recruitment in all regions of the state, with the overall objective of lowering the unemployment rate in minority communities;
  • Expanding workforce training and continuing education in addition to modernizing rural K-12 Public Schools.


Criminal Justice Reform

Sponsoring and promoting legislation centered on improving and reforming the judicial process from the courtroom and beyond by…

  • Increasing the election and appointments of minority judges and magistrates;
  • Simplifying and revising the SC Expungement Process and Sex Offender Registry;
  • Working with employers to incentivize the hiring of reformed, former felons.


Healthcare Options for All:

Sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on expanding healthcare services, access, and affordability to minority communities by…

  • Expanding medical insurance to the working uninsured;
  • Taking a proactive approach based on prevention and early diagnosis;
  • Working to increase the number of minority nurses and physicians;
  • Providing quality facility options.


Public Education Reform

Sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on providing a high-quality education beginning at pre-k, through K-12, to Higher Education by…

  • Solving the funding disparities that exist district to district, zip-code to zip-code;
  • Recruiting and retaining minority teachers and administrators and increasing;
  • Increasing programs and curriculum opportunities to public schools in minority communities; and increasing parental and community involvement.