2021-22 Legislative Agenda Outline

The South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus remains committed to improving, empowering, and inspiring minority communities across South Carolina. Our 2021 priorities center on some of the most critical challenges facing minorities, as well as all South Carolinians. Members of the Caucus will file legislation and support bills that achieve our objectives. We call for all South Carolinians to be active participants in the legislative process and support our plan to bring much-needed change to South Carolina.

Agenda Objectives

  • COVID-19 Response and Recovery
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Community Engagement Reform
  • Broadband Expansion
  • Public Education Reform and Expansion
  • Increasing support and participation of Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
  • Affordable Housing

COVID-19 Response and Recovery: sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on helping minority and underserved communities respond and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by…

  • Ensuring all communities have access to testing, treatment, and vaccinations available; with a specific focus on the working uninsured
  • Work to increase the number of minority healthcare professionals in all sectors of the industry, and the reopening of rural healthcare facilities
  • Work to guarantee that minority small businesses recover from the damage caused by the pandemic

Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Engagement Reform:

sponsoring and promoting legislation centered on reforming police engagement policies and reforming the judicial process from the courtroom and beyond by…

  • Increasing the election and appointments of minority judges and magistrates
  • Sponsoring and promoting legislation on a Hate Crimes Bill; Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill; Decriminalization of Marijuana Bill; Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines Reform Bill
  • Providing funds to improve correctional facilities and for recruitment/retention of proper personnel including guards, educational opportunities, and healthcare assistance
  • Sponsoring and promoting legislation to simplify and revise the South Carolina Expungement Process
  • Require all law enforcement agencies to establish a Citizens Review Board and community policing program

Broadband Expansion Efforts:

sponsoring and promoting legislation centered on securing expansion for rural and minority communities by…

  • Providing $50 million to the 2021-22 budget proposal to expand broadband throughout rural communities
  • Monitor the Office of Regulatory Service progress on broadband expansion projects and updates
  • Opening broadband internet competition across the state focused on historically underserved, minority, and rural areas

Public Education Reform and Expansion:

sponsoring and promoting legislation focused on providing high-quality education from pre-k, through K-12, to Higher Education by…

  • Solving the funding disparities that exist district to district, zip-code to zip-code
  • Work with the state’s federal delegation to increase federal funding for the state’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
  • Expanding programs and curriculum options, and opportunities in local public schools centered on increasing achievement among students and increasing parental and community involvement

Expanding and Creating Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises:

sponsoring and promoting legislation that provides a comprehensive strategy to support, expand, and create small businesses and quality jobs in minority communities through…

  • Working to ensure minority businesses have fair and equal opportunities to participate in SCDOT infrastructure and improvement plans
  • Hosting events and promote the education of state and local government procurement processes, and certifications and opportunities available to Black and minority business owners
  • Establishing a livable wage for the state’s working class


Affordable Housing:

sponsoring and promoting legislation centered on increasing affordable homes throughout South Carolina by…

  • Working with the SC State Housing Finance and Development Authority to receive updates/reports on affordable housing issues in South Carolina and develop a comprehensible strategy to increase affordable housing throughout the state
  • Work to establish an affordable housing task force for all 46 counties throughout South Carolina
  • Host/Participate in affordable housing forums such as the SC Attainability Conference to assist in educating constituents on housing opportunities and information